Canyon-Lake-Title Canyon Lake Reservoir Provides Important Drinking Water Source

The Canyon Lake Reservoir is a critical part of the EVMWD water supply system. The reservoir can hold as much as 12,000 acre-feet or 3.9 billion gallons of water, which plays a critical role in meeting regional drinking water needs during periods of peak demand.

It is also a recreational lake, leased to about 4,800 members of the Canyon Lake Property Owners Association. The CLPOA manages the use of the lake for recreation.

The recreational amenities offered by Canyon Lake Reservoir increase the property values inside Canyon Lake and offer residents enjoyable water activities year-round.

EVMWD owns all of the water and land rights within the footprint of the Canyon Lake Reservoir. This important local water supply helps ensure EVMWD can provide reliable drinking water to all 133,000 customers across its 96 square mile service area.

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