Elsinore-Veritcal-Photo-BarWho owns Canyon Lake Reservoir?

Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District owns all water rights in Canyon Lake as well as the Railroad Canyon Dam that created the lake in 1928. All reservoir infrastructure, storage capacity, shorelines, and the water itself is wholly owned by Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District.

Who is responsible for maintaining Canyon Lake Reservoir?

Canyon Lake’s sole purpose is to serve as a drinking water reservoir owned and operated by Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District. The Canyon Lake Property Owners Association leases surface rights for water recreation. Thus, CLPOA manages the use of the lake for recreation and regulates residential development around the edge of the lake.

What is EVMWD’s role in maintaining the Canyon Lake Reservoir?

Since the lake’s primary purpose is to act as a local water supply reservoir for all our customers, EVMWD’s role is to maintain the safety and integrity of the dam as well as, operating and managing the water treatment plant to ensure a safe and reliable supply of local drinking water for everyone.

What happens to the drinking water in Canyon Lake Reservoir?

Canyon Lake operates as a drinking water reservoir. It has a surface area of about 500 acres and can hold as much as 12,000 acre-feet or 3.9 billion gallons of water. The reservoir plays an important role during periods of peak drinking water demand providing water across EVMWD’s 96-square-mile service area. In these severe statewide drought conditions, this water source becomes an even more critical part of Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District’s water supply portfolio.

What happens to the water if Canyon Lake Reservoir is no longer a recreational lake?

If the Canyon Lake Reservoir is no longer burdened by recreation, EVMWD could maximize the reservoir supply, allowing the District to treat and deliver more drinking water throughout its service area. In the midst of an historic drought, this would provide the highest level of benefit to the most people.